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Gtex is looking for individuals who always strive for development. Our team members are open to novelties, new challenges and share our core values.

Job Listings

Gtex is delighted to offer new job openings in our front offices


The key role of a sales consultant is to present a product, explain its features, and encourage a prospect to make a purchase by emphasizing the benefits of using a particular product.

The main responsibilities of a sales consultant are: 

  • Communicating with potential customers

  • Presenting products to potential customers and showing how to use them when necessary

  • Recommending customers specific products tailored for their needs and wishes

  • Helping customers in decision-making process

  • Establishing positive relationships with existing and potential customers and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction

Details about the vacancy:

  • Full time job

  • Location: Tbilisi

  • Trial period: 5 Days

  • Salary: Fixed + bonus

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